Conference Scope

Humanoid Robotics is an increasing research topic stimulated both by the perspective of highly challenging applications in servicing robotics and by renewing fundamental research topics in Robotics at large such as Mechatronics, Control, Decision Making and Human-Robot Interaction. More than that Humanoid Robotics opens synergetic researches towards Life and Human Science. Such openness will constitute the special theme of Humanoids09.

The contributed papers, workshop and tutorial will cover the following, not exhaustive list of topics:

  • Design and control of humanoid robots
  • Humanoid robot platforms for applications
  • Software and hardware architecture, system integration
  • Whole-body motion planning and control
  • Stability and dynamics for humanoid robots
  • Perception, action and cognition for humanoid robots
  • Learning strategies for humanoid robots
  • Humanoid grasping and manipulation
  • Human motion imitation by humanoids
  • Human-humanoid interaction
  • Planning, localization and navigation
  • Human body and behavior modeling
  • Neuro-robotics and humanoids

Contributed papers will be presented either at the single track oral session or during poster sessions. All the contributed papers will appear without distinction in the proceedings of the conference.

A special day will be organized in the prestigious historical Coll├Ęge de France. It will be dedicated to a set of invited keynote lectures focusing on the openness of Humanoid Robotics research towards Life and Human Sciences. Lecturers will cover the following topics:

  • Biomechanics and humanoid robot design
  • Sensori-motor motion control
  • Emotion modeling
  • Mathematics and neuro-robotics